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URGENT: Information about email

You must access your MedwayMail email account before Sunday – either: forward or save any attachments/work/coursework – you will not be able to access your school email account from Monday 2nd April. It is vital you save any coursework that you currently have stored in your MedwayMail account as, from Monday 2nd April, you will not be able to retrieve it. Your new email account will be live from: Tuesday 2nd April.

Instructions for new email:

  • Go to Google
  • Search Office 365 login
  • Type in user name – if it was hurs001@medwaymail.org it will change to hurs001@g-a-t.co.uk
  • Your password will be the same as it is now if it is currently 8 characters long. If it is less than 8 characters long, you will need to make it up to 8 characters by adding hashtags (#). For example, if your password was: cat01 it would become: cat01###