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Skills for Life and British Values


Skills for life are demonstrated throughout the Academy both within the classrooms and around the Academy. We use the acronym ‘EMPLOY ME’ which helps our students understand and be able to refer to the specific skills we want our pupils to be equipped with. Within our skills for life strategy is the promotion of what is termed British Values; which are values as individuals that we should all be following and living by. These are categorised in four main areas:

  • Democracy
    • School council
    • Head Boy/Prefects
    • Assemblies
    • Debating club
    • House system
    • Feedback and surveys
    • Voting


  • The rule of law
    • Behaviour policy
    • Accountability
    • Consequences of actions
    • Rights and responsibilities
    • Crime and punishment (History)


  • Individual liberty
    • Opportunities to make choices
    • In class discussion and opinions
    • Combatting discrimination
    • School council representatives and debates
    • Curriculum opportunities


  • Mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs
    • Manners and politeness
    • Team work and respect within sporting activities
    • Care for school environment
    • Acceptance of life style choices
    • Respect towards all people
    • Community respect


We promote British Values within our Skills for Life agenda as we see this as important and lifelong individual values that our students should follow whilst with us during their school lives, but also values for them to live by in to their adult lives.



Employ me is demonstrated around the Academy covering our key skills for life principles as well as fundamental British values (BV)

Excellence – We expect our students to display excellence in their school work and homework. BV – Following school procedures of completing homework.

Manners – Being quiet whilst you are talking, saying good morning, waiting silently, following classroom rules, helping someone else, being respectful in debate. BV – School rules – importance of school rules and valuing that rules apply to all and understanding the consequences of actions. BV – Mutual respect – Being tolerant and showing respect for those who have different beliefs

Perseverance – Going through a test, PIT, Correcting something that’s wrong BV – Opportunities to correct and improve work through PUPIL IMPROVEMENT TIME,

Listening – EVERY lesson this should be referred to explicitly- You will always have something to say and your students will always need to listen. BV – Student voices are valued and listened to. BV – Being part of student surveys and school representation and debates. BV – showing respect towards all people

Organisation – Having equipment, being ready for school, doing their homework, attending an intervention, revising BV – Showing care and consideration towards school resources such as homework diaries and text books

You – Say to students – YOUR results, YOUR outcomes, YOUR grade etc BV – Having accountability for your results and your future

Motivation – Reminding students of the outcome (ie your GCSE/A level results!) BV – Being motivated to make right decisions by understanding consequences of actions

Employment – How will the skill you are teaching help them reach ultimate employment? How would this skill be demonstrated in the work place? BV – Pupils aware of their choices for the future